Why Can’t I Stop Drinking? Help For Alcoholics

Many people do not realize that alcohol is a drug but it is. It is a drug that is abused, affecting more than 12 million people worldwide แหล่งขายเหล้า. In the United States 15% of people experience some type of problem associated with alcohol. Alcohol is a dangerous drug because it affects the brain; acting as a central nervous system stimulant, causing hyperactivity, impaired judgment, impaired reasoning, loss of consciousness and insomnia. It affects the arterial system, causing arteries through out the body to become narrow and constricted, resulting in increased heart rate, high blood pressure, memory loss, stroke, enlarged heart, congestive heart failure.Bottles of assorted hard liquor brands – Stock Editorial Photo © monticello  #115203142

Alcohol affects the reproductive organs, causing infertility, etc., and if used during pregnancy, severe damage to the fetus may occur, resulting in fetal alcohol syndrome. Researchers have proven that Increased alcohol intake is linked with the development of cancer, especially breast cancer. Last but not least, alcohol affects the largest organ inside the body, the liver.

The toxic effects of alcoholism causes the liver to undergo fatty changes. It decreases the liver’s ability to detoxify drugs, damages liver cells resulting in hepatitis, and cirrhosis. Alcohol is not just a dangerous drug just because of its toxic effects. It is dangerous because it is a society-accepted drug that is legal and easily accessible. You can buy alcohol everywhere, not just in liquor stores but in some grocery stores as well.

Alcoholism is a disease as is any addiction. Alcohol intoxification impairs judgment and reasoning capabilities, resulting in the participation in high-risk sexual behavior, rape and fatalities. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 32 deaths occur daily due to motor vehicle accidents related to alcohol consumption.

According to the Women’s Heart Foundation, over half of adults drink alcohol. But not everyone who drinks alcohol becomes an alcoholic. No one understands why this is and as a result scientists have performed research for answers. Despite in-depth medical research in this area, no direct link has been proven to be associated with genetics and alcoholism. However, research does support environmental factors in the development of alcoholism and acknowledges the fact that an individual with a family history of alcoholism has an increased risk of getting this disease.

Alcoholism affects more than the alcoholic; it destroys an individual’s entire family, resulting in broken homes, divorce, etc. Alcohol is also responsible for suicides and murders. There are several treatment programs to treat alcoholic addiction. Some people may require a short-term program and others may require a long-term program. Depending on how much alcohol an individual drinks and how long they have been drinking alcohol will help determine which program will be the best option for their treatment. There are various online websites that provide information on both short and long term treatment programs for alcoholism.

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