7 Basic SEO Mistakes That Will Get You Google SLAPPED (and How You Can Avoid Them)

Since Google updated their search algorithm, some of the most successful businesses have found their websites slapped from the from the front page of Google down as far as page 7 or 8. This has affected all kinds of business, from fashion retailers to manufacturers. If you use Google regularly then you will know that if your page is relegated below page 3 then it might as well not exist, which is why it is essential that you make sure Buy Google Reviews that your site is not making one of the cardinal sins of SEO.

Over Optimisation

The most recent Google update has meant that over optimised sites have been given rank penalties. When the Google spiders (software that crawls the web analysing your website) find a page that seems too directed towards certain keywords then they will penalise you for it.

The best way to avoid the optimisation penalty is simply to write your website content naturally, and not drop your keywords into every sentence. Using synonyms has also proven effective in beating the penalty, so redrafting your content to make sure that your keyword density is not above about 3% (you can check this in WordPress with most SEO plugins or search Google for keyword density checker) and having a few sentences that are more reader friendly than spider friendly will now give you the edge over competitors who have spent thousands optimising every last bit of content for search engines.

Link Sharing

Prior to the latest update, link sharing (posting links to someone else’s website and having them do the same for you) to boost the number of links coming in to your site (a key signal that Google uses to identify popular sites) got you little more than a slap on the wrist from the web giant. Now Google is actively penalizing heavy use of link sharing schemes in an attempt to stamp out the unfair advantages that companies get from so called ‘link farms’ (sites that exist purely to provide links to other sites).

Avoiding the link sharing penalty is easy, simply don’t do it. If you do decide to share links with sites, do it sparingly and only with high quality sites (sites with a high page rank). Instead, concentrate on gaining one way links to your site (where you get a link in without giving a link back). You can do this by posting articles to directories with links back to your site, and posting in RELEVANT, highly ranked forums and blogs. Google will not award you anything if you are an industrial metalwork manufacturer that posts comments in 300 blogs on dog walking, but you will get credit if you post on forums regarding construction.

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