Gun Threat to the Body – From Behind


The assailant approaches you from behind and points his firearm at your body


Turn mostly back and take a gander at the aggressor to see him and distinguish the weapon

Proceed with the turn as far as possible and redirect the firearm away with your lower arm

When the firearm is done focusing on you, make a stride once again to be at an eye to eye position with the assailant

While making the stride back snatch the assailants arm with the arm that redirected the assault

Go on with an elbow strike to the face

Incapacitate the weapon by applying strain on the aggressor’s wrist

Central issues:

Never play out any activity without seeing your assailant, and realizing what you’re managing – the underlying half turn is basic

After the around 50% of a turn and look in reverse you are arranged at a side position and the strategy is indistinguishable from a weapon danger from the side

This procedure is proficient for when the assailant holds the firearm in one or the other hand

Keep in mind, This is one of the most risky circumstances anybody can regard themselves as in. The incapacitating strategies depicted above ought to just be utilized as a flat out final retreat. On the off chance that you can stop what is going on by surrendering your wallet or some other material belonging you should do as such.


As consistently with Krav Maga faltering is your main foe. Assuming that your aggressor gets the impression you will act he will set himself in a  12 ga shot situation out of your range. you should act rapidly and effectively.

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