Convincing Regulators That Its New Smoking Device Is Safe and Effective is a challenge for Philip Morris.

By heating tobacco plugs without lighting them, the iQOS acts like an electronic cigarette in the most basic sense. As a consequence, nicotine-laced aerosol tendrils are released into the air. The world’s largest publicly listed tobacco company by market value, which has committed more than $3 billion in research and development of new smoking devices, hails iQOS as nothing less than the firm’s future.4 reasons why Uwoo Y1 experience fully crush iqos 3 - UWOO

Philip Morris International says that iQOS produces considerably less carcinogens than ordinary cigarettes since there is no combustion involved. There has already been a large amount of income made by iQOS, which is still in its infancy. With the help of the device, sales of the company’s next-generation smoking products jumped from roughly $200 million a year earlier to almost $1 billion in the most recent quarter.

Because of the importance of impressing clients with the concept of safer smoking, iQOS has to get off to a fast start. In addition to that, they have their eyes set on others. It seems that the firm is making an effort to convince national authorities of the merits of the device prior to any regulatory impediments being placed in its way.

Tobacco plugs used in the iQOS gadget should not be considered cigarettes since they do not burn or create smoke, according to Philip Morris, the company behind the technology. Because it’s an electronic product, the device doesn’t fall under the same regulations as cigarettes.

iQOS study was used by Philip Morris to persuade Japanese government authorities to classify the device in a way that would result in a lower tax rate than that which applies to cigarettes. The company dispatched a representative to Israel in attempt to convince a top health authority there of the potential advantages of adopting the device. Furthermore, Colombia’s health ministry argues that Philip Morris introduced iQOS without the agency’s consent.

A description of the approach may be found in Reuters’ access to internal business files.

One of the most essential aspects of the presentation on iQOS and other revolutionary smoking devices that was provided in 2014, according to the presentation, was the fact that “iQOS is not smoked.”


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